How to Make PPC More Effective, Convert to More Sales

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Did you know that billions of searches go through Google every week? If you have a website, you want to direct more of the people searching for products and services to your own offerings. There are several methods for doing this, and one of them is PPC, or Pay per click internet marketing.

In this marketing model, businesses only need to pay for the clicks they receive, rather than for simply exposure. This makes PPC translate fairly reliably into sales. If you are planning on using PPC services for your website, then here are three things you should know.

1. How Can You Make PPC More Effective?

With PPC, you want to make every click count. A click is not a guarantee of sale, so you need to do everything you can to make sure that the people who view your site are making purchases. One easy way to make PPC effective is to target your key audience. Use specific key words. If someone is looking for “dark wash jeans,” they are more likely to click on that than simply “jeans.” If someone is only willing to pay $30 on jeans and yours are at least $50, include that. Advertising your minimum price might seem counterintuitive, but in reality it will eliminate receiving clicks that will almost never convert to revenue.

2. Is SEO Better than PPC?

Many people are familiar with SEO, which are techniques used to raise organic rankings for websites. Neither way of advertising is better than the other. Rather, they should be used in tandem. When used together, conversions rates are 45% higher. You might often hear the term PPC cannibalism, where you eat the traffic you would otherwise receive in free searches. Studies show, however, that most websites receive more traffic using both than just using one or the other. To avoid cannibalism, try differentiating your keywords in order to cast a wider net.

3. PPC Management Software

Ppc campaign management software is going to be a useful tool in your arsenal if you plan to really invest in PPC. What will software do for you? It can offer feedback on which ads are most effective and why, as well as other keywords you should consider targeting. Basically, it will help you optimize your PPC in order to bring in the most sales. PPC management software can either be downloaded on its own, or provided by an internet marketing agency.

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